(September, 2010)

My God, America,
you are so beautiful in the night-
your ridges and curves spread out before me,
all bathed in moonlight and my own yearnings.
You have nothing but smiles for me, then.
Smiles and promises
and a thousand tiny triumphs that make me feel
so god-damned human.

Until it is morning and I am sipping my coffee
in front of CNN and you are yelling at me again.
You want to talk to me about my choices, about my decisions.
You wish I cared more about what you have to say
and why have I been questioning you so much lately, anyway?
Don’t I trust you anymore?
You wish I would lighten my hair and you hint that
I could stand to lose a few pounds
And what, exactly, am I doing with my next paycheck?

But I just smile and sip my coffee.
I kiss you on the cheek before walking out the door.

Have a good day, America.
I’ll see you tonight.


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