(March, 2013)

Give me your heart
I said,
just like that
one fine summer day
or was it a dark winter night?
Were we huddled together for warmth or were we
using our bodies to spite the sun outside
as if fire can ever fight fire?

Give me your heart.

And you did.

Sometime later,
I served it back to you
on a silver platter,
cut up and cold,
as if it were nothing more than a piece of meat.
Salami, perhaps.

I’m thinking of getting a tattoo on my retina that says:
“I ain’t no permanent lover,
so please don’t believe me,
even if I say it,
‘Cause I’ve done my fair share of heart breakin’
and you seem like a really nice guy.”

Although that’s a bit long to fit all on one eyeball,
or two, even
so, abridged:


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